Elitron Kombo SD series

Elitron Kombo SD series

A complete range of KOMBO plotters for automatic cutting and finishing specifically  engineered to meet the new requirements in the digital printing, cardboard, sign and billboard industries.

Resulting from more than 30 years of Italian manufacturing Experience, and technological innovation, Elitron’s systems are equipped with multi-tool heads for cutting, milling, creasing and engraving.


Suitable for both short and complex production runs, they meet market demands with maximum versatility whilst excelling in terms of productivity and automation.
Kombo SD's Elitron Series, which adds to the Graphic Arts, Sign & Diplay and Packaging market, can be delivered with workarea sizes and speeds that cover a wide range of applications ranging from mockups or short series productions to those who produce Large packaging and displays. More specifically, with dimensions from 1.7 m x 1.3 m to 3.2 m x 2 m and speeds of 80 m / min or 102 m / min.
The main strengths of the Kombo SD and SD+ Series equipment derive from the automation, shorter production time and waste reduction also options such as the Seeker System ™, the video projection system and, last but not least, up to 40 dynamically activated and software managed vacuum sectors.

Available tools: electric or pneumatic vibrating blade,V-cut- 45 ° cutting knife, 1kW or 3kW electric spindle - manual / semi-automatic / automatic, creasing wheels, kiss cutting, perforation, pen tools.

Aplications: samples, low and medium packaging series, sign& display.

Materials: PVC, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, forex, foam, vinyl, wood, plastic, textile etc.
Technical specifications
On the multi-tool cutting head, available in standard equipment, can fit up to 5 different tools that can act independently
The work surface has different dimensions starting from 2000 mm x 1600 mm and can reach up to 3100 mm x 2000 mm, being divided into 32 or 40 vacuum zones (depending on model) automatically activated in the software of the equipment.
The maximum thickness that can be processed is 120 mm (with option).
The work table is made of honeycomb structured steel. This type of construction ensures reliability, repeatability, precision and quality finishes.
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