Elitron Kombo TH

Elitron Kombo TH

Elitron is the only SuperPlotter producer: fast, efficient, high-performance, automatic cutting systems which automate the production line, streamlining the workflow

Kombo TH is a two-head multi-tool system that can process materials at a maximum speed of 106 m / min. The cutting solution is equipped with powerful brushless motors, precision rack movement, and Twin Cut software which completely manages the cutting process.
30 years of Elitron’s innovation and experience in one system.


Two independent cutting heads.
Two independent heads with multi-tools and
automatic pre-setting. Different tools can be fitted to the head at the same time, allowing different materials to be worked contemporarily
Seeker System for automatic image and reference points detection.

High resolution video projection system. It
only takes a click to position the digital dies
manually or automatically, to guarantee the
best yield from materials and keep waste to
the very minimum.
Robust cellular steel structure with 40 concentrated vacuum sectors for perfect
adhesion of materials.

Available tools: electric or pneumatic vibrating blade,V-cut- 45 ° cutting knife, 1kW or 3kW electric spindle - manual / semi-automatic / automatic, creasing wheels, kiss cutting, perforation, pen tools.

Aplications: great production volumes for packaging, sign & display, etc.

Materials: PVC, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, forex, foam, vinyl, wood, plastic, textile etc.
Technical specifications
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