HP Indigo 5R

HP Indigo 5R

An optimal combination of quality and cost

The HP Indigo 5r is a robust and trustworthy HP Indigo press—the result of a carefully crafted and executed reconditioning process. It offers the same offset matching print quality and variety of high-value applications as the HP Indigo 5000 series—all at an affordable price.


The HP Indigo 5r Digital Press is a 90 ppm press that delivers high productivity and versatility. Capable of printing up to two million color pages or five million monochrome pages per month, the press is a cost-effective option for small and medium-volume printers to obtain an HP Indigo robust and proven press.
Technical specifications
Printing speed: 2.040 A3 sheets, 4+0 / hour; 8.160 A3 sheets, 1+0 / hour
Paper specifications:60 – 350 g/m2
Sheet size: 330 x 482 mm
Image size: 317 x 450 mm
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