Komori Enthrone 29

Komori Enthrone 29

High quality in a compact design – the perfect answer for today’s opportunities.
The maximum printing speed of 13,000* sheets per hour and the high speed print start-up function shortens test printing and reduce paper waste
Automatic Cleaning Systems
The very efficient automatic cleaning is software controlled. Not only is the time for automatic blanket washing and automatic impression cylinder cleaning reduced by the use of a highly effective presoaked cloth, but also the reduced amount of cloth consumption helps the environment. Total print preparation time is dramatically reduced by automatically linking these functions together.
Accommodating sheet thickness of 0.04 mm to 0.6 mm, the press dramatically shortens the time required for changeover between light and heavy stocks because no transfer cylinder gripper pad adjustment is necessary.
*Maximum printing speed for perfectors: 13,000sph in straight mode, 11,000sph in perfecting mode


The Lithrone G40 was developed to be a high performance press that attains both high productivity and high print quality by means of stable operation. With stable operation as the principal theme, the all-important basic performance parameters were re-evaluated from the beginning and Komori’s high-order technologies were concentrated on stable sheet feeding and delivery.
Komori’s next-generation short make-ready capabilities are unrivaled. As orders for short-run jobs and jobs with very tight deadlines increase, being able to accurately and efficiently work with all types of content is becoming the norm in the printing industry. The Lithrone G40 is a production machine offering world-class performance that can provide tremendous power to any printing company.
Technical specifications
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