Komori Lithrone GX 40

Komori Lithrone GX 40

Everything needed for a range of demands, including automatic nonstop operation and control systems to handle long runs at high speed, advanced automation, new washing/cleaning systems, and availability in special configurations for high added value work. In particular, new functions and systems have been added specifically for package printing. The energy-conserving and space-saving design, along with reduced heat emissions, provides genuine benefits for the environment. The Lithrone GX40 Komori’s flagship machine for fulfilling the most demanding requirements.


The automatic nonstop feeder and delivery enable pile changing without operator assistance. Linked to a logistics system that transports stock smoothly through the printing plant, resupply of the feeder and removal of printed sheets are automatically controlled so that the flow of paper to the press is uninterrupted and high-speed printing continues until the end of the run.
Production at the maximum operating speed is maintained by not stopping the press during pile changing.
Technical specifications
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