Luxel V-8 HS

Luxel V-8 HS

High quality B1 violet photopolymer platesetter available as a fully automatic machine with up to 5 cassettes online holding up to 300 plates, and capable of producing up to 50pph (2400 dpi) or 70pph (1200 dpi).


Luxel V-8 HS CTP at a glance:
• Up to 50 x B1 plates per hour at 2400 dpi (without punch)
• Maximum plate size of 1162mm x 960mm (without punch)
• Suitable for use with Brillia HD PRO-V low chemistry violet plate
Technical specifications
Imaging size: Portrait orientation: 938mm x 937mm for both 0.24 and 0.3mm; 798mm x 937mm for 0.2mm; 598mm x 597mm for 0.15mm. Landscape orientation: 1158mm x 957mm for both 0.24 and 0.3mm; 1048mm x 797mm for 0.2mm; 598mm x 497mm for 0.15mm. Note: The maximum page that can be imaged on to any plate size is calculated by subtracting 2mm from the plate width and 3mm from the plate height (allowances for grip shadow of 2mm and 1mm around the periphery).
Plate sizes: Portrait orientation: 940mm x 940mm x 0.3mm (max); 500mm x 500mm x 0.3mm (min); 940mm x 940mm x 0.24mm (max); 500mm x 500mm x 0.24mm (min); 800mm x 940mm x 0.2mm (max); 500mm x 500mm x 0.2mm (min); 600mm x 600mm x 0.15mm (max); 500mm x 500mm x 0.15mm (min). Landscape orientation: 1160mm x 960mm x 0.3mm (max); 500mm x 400mm x 0.3mm (min); 1160mm x 960mm x 0.24mm (max); 500mm x 400mm x 0.24mm (min); 1050mm x 800mm x 0.2mm (max); 500mm x 400mm x 0.2mm (min); 600mm x 500mm x 0.15mm (max); 500mm x 400mm x 0.15mm (min) Note: Plates are loaded and imaged in either landscape or portrait mode.
Plate types: Fujifilm Brillia LP-NV and HD PRO-V photopolymer aluminium plates.
Bobst Firenze Duran Machinery Flint Group Fujifilm HP Komori Mohr enfocus Elitron ABG International

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