Mohr 56

Mohr 56

Mohr Cutters are durable, programmable cutting machines with hydraulic drive. The corrosion free table surface provides very easy gliding which makes the material easy to handle. On Mohr Cutter 80, this effect is even supported by air jets.

Wide range of programming options

Easy knife changing with automatic shutoff in bottom dead center and fine adjustment from the front.


Two models:
The machine is operated via an ergonomically arranged control panel with 5.5’’ monochrome display and extra low-profile keyboard.
• Low-profile keyboard
• Menu-driven knife change
• Programming during cutting
• Block programming available
• 198 program memory locations
• Clamping time before cutting
• Clamping without cutting
• Programmable ejector
• Protect program
The machine is operated via an ergonomically arranged 18.5’’ touch-sensitive display.
Additional functions as compared with ECO:
• Prepress data is taken as a basis for generating cutting programs (P-Net Service Compucut®)
• A bar-code reader facilitates easy loading of cutting programs
• Production report for acquiring the machine performance data
• 1,998 Program memory positions
Technical specifications
Duran Machinery Flint Group Fujifilm HP Komori Mohr enfocus Elitron ABG International

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