Onset X series

Onset X series

Modular architecture top platform for rigid materials printing

The latest generation of Onset X equipment sets a new standard in high-quality production with new levels of production, reliability and scalability.
Onset X prints directly on a wide range of rigid and flexible materials ranging from standard display materials to industrial media.
The machine was designed to allow you to change the original configuration or add new print heads without making any further changes to the machine
Smart features allow Onset to monitor its own state to maintain optimum performance and print quality, while avoiding damage or damage to the print head.


Maximum speed between 200 - 900 m²/h
Maximum print width: 3,22 x 1,60 m
Print in the variable surface, Satin or Glossy
Fujifilm industrial print head (Fujifilm Dimatix Q class 9 pl; R class 14 pl; S class 27 pl)
Handling system: 3/4 semi-automatic, fully automatic, fully automatic handling for corrugated board
Maximum media thickness: 50 mm with manual handling; 18 mm with automation handling
Maximum media weight 20 kg manual handling; 10 kg with automation handling, 80 kg with short bed
25 vacuum zone
iNozzle technologies
Remote diagnostics
Technical specifications
Bobst Firenze Duran Machinery Flint Group Fujifilm HP Komori Mohr enfocus Elitron ABG International

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