PlateRite Ultima 36000

PlateRite Ultima 36000

Multi-format VLF thermal platesetter utilising GLV™ (Grating Light Valve™) technology that can output up to 35 2032 mm x 1270 mm plates per hour (ZX version), with a maximum plate size of 2100 mm x 1600 mm.


PlateRite Ultima 36000 at a glance:
• Multi format VLF platesetter able to image plates down to a 4 page format
• Up to 19 plates per hour (S version), up to 24 plates per hour (SX version), up to 29 plates per hour (Z version), and up to 35 plates per hour (ZX version), all quoted at 2400 dpi and using 2032 mm x 1270 mm plates
• Maximum plate size of 2100 mm x 1600 mm
Technical specifications
Imaging size: Maximum: 2100 mm x 1585 mm, leading edge gripper margin of 8mm, trailing edge gripper margin of 7mm (When the punchless plate handling option is used, the leading edge gripper margin is 5 mm, trailing edge gripper is 7 mm)
Plate sizes: Maximum: 2100 mm x 1600 mm; Minimum: 650 mm x 550 mm (A minimum size of 650 mm x 550mm is offered as a factory option)
Plate loading: MA-L40000, SA-L48000 Skid*, SA-L36000 Skid*, AT-M * There are limits to the sizes of plates this unit can handle
Punching options: Punch systems and punchless plate handling options are available
Resolutions: 1200 (uses doubled 2400 dpi dots), 2400, 2438, 2540 dpi
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