FLC-V Series

FLC-V Series

The Fujifilm FLC-V Series is a range of compact CTP finishing units compatible with Brillia HD PRO-V, Fujifilm’s leading low-chemistry plate. The finishing units are specifically designed to optimize plate production, with minimal environmental impact. Used in conjunction with Brillia HD PRO-V, the FLC-V Series eliminates water rinsing, reduces chemical usage and waste, and improves the overall environmental footprint of plate production.


FLC-V Series at a glance:
• Elimination of water rinsing
• No chemical replenishment
• Simple one bath operation
• Low cost of ownership
• Small footprint
Technical specifications
Developer tank capacity: FLC-V62M: 23 litres FLC-V85M: 35 litres FLC-V85H: 44 litres FLC-V125H: 84 litres
Plate sizes: Maximum plate width: FLC-V62M: 620 mm FLC-V85M: 850 mm FLC-V85H: 850 mm FLC-V125H: 1250 mm Minimum plate length: FLC-V62M: 252 mm FLC-V85M: 252 mm FLC-V85H: 290 mm FLC-125H: 290 mm
Plate types: Brillia HD PRO-V
Plate thickness: 0.15 - 0.3 mm
Processing time: dip to nip, 19 seconds
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