Enfocus Switch

Enfocus Switch

Switch is a coprehensive solution for automating document processing in the graphics industry. The product can create endless combinations of workflows in which the printing documents  (not only PDF but also InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, TIFF, JPEG etc.) are analyzed, converted, processed, handled in different forms for different needs imposed by the printing technique to be used. The document processing can impose conditions, can obtain detailed reports and it even accepts JDF or XML tickets.

How Switch makes your life easier

Automate repetitive tasks.

Integrate partner applications. Easily integrate various applications from industry leading providers and greatly increase their functionality.

Apps! Apps! Apps! The Enfocus Appstore is a marketplace where Switch experts from around the globe offer their expertise. Simply drag and drop it into your workflow.

Modular approach. Only pay for what you need today and add functionalities as your business needs grow.

It can be configurated as an extension of existing workflows (Automation Engine, Prinergy, Apogee, etc).

It is a productive solution with reduced risk of human error, thus bringing a high processing capacity.

Saves time and money through increased automation.

It brings consistent and predictable results.

It saves money by avoiding returning to work in the design phase for corrections.

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